Sports Teams

Students at Hudson Junior/Senior High School have opportunities to participate in the following sports*:

  • Boys Baseball (Varsity & JV)
  • Boys Basketball (Varsity, JV & Modified)
  • Girls Basketball (Varsity, JV & Modified)
  • Bowling
  • Cheerleading
  • Boys & Girls Cross Country (Varsity)
  • Football (Varsity, JV & Modified)
  • Golf (Varsity)
  • Boys Soccer (Varsity, JV & Modified)
  • Girls Soccer (Varsity)
  • Girls Softball (Varsity & JV)
  • Swimming (Varsity)
  • Boys Tennis (Varsity)
  • Girls Tennis (Varsity)
  • Track & Field (Varsity)
  • Boys Volleyball (Varsity & JV)
  • Girls Volleyball (Varsity & JV)
  • Wrestling

*Subject to change. Teams may be added/removed based on participation. 

If a 7th or 8th grade student wishes to play at a JV or Varsity level, they must be approved through the Athletic Placement Process. Please contact Mr. Reardon at to begin this process.