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Click here for information and resources related to at-home learning. It includes useful information about student expectations, grading, Google Classroom and library resources (as well as resources to support mental health and well being).

The Hudson City School District is committed to providing educational resources for our students during this time of extended closure. We realize that you cannot replicate the school day at home, but hopefully these educational materials will help the extended leave from our classes.


Log in to your school email here using the email account assigned to you (typically your last name then the first letter of your first name, followed by

School Library Links

library books and letters

Student Handbooks

Student Portal

The Student Portal is a free, computer-based online system that allows students to view their Attendance, Schedule, Discipline, Report Cards, Gradebook and Progress Reports.

Teacher/Faculty Pages

Some teachers maintain pages with information related to their specific classes. Click here to view Faculty Pages.