Supply Lists

Click the links below to view the 2019-2020 Supply Lists for M.C. Smith Elementary School.

If your child’s teacher is not listed on this page, please email


Supply list for Kindergarten classes (Cartwright, Dodig, Muller, Ohl, Pitts, Rutkey, Zito)

Grade 1

Supply list for Grade 1 classes (Brown, Duryea, LaPorto, Monsell, Moore, Shumway)

Grade 2

Supply list for Grade 2 classes (Buchinsky, Groat, Marois, Merwin, Smith, Zlomeck/Sheedy)

Grade 3

Mrs. Hanley

Mrs. Lent

Ms. Malin

Mrs. Quinion

Grade 4

Ms. Casciaro/Ms. Hungerford/Mrs. Wordon

Mrs. Holmes/Ms. Daniels

Mrs. Parmentier

Mrs. Pierro

Ms. Smith

Grade 5

Supply list for Grade 5 classes (Clark, Curry, Keeler/VanAlphen, Kipp, Suafoa, Sullivan/Reeves)

Special Education

Mrs. Cincotti

Mrs. Kelly

Mrs. Muller

Mrs. Ordway