District Mission

The Hudson City School District, in partnership with our community, advances the intellectual, social and emotional development of all students to prepare them for college, career and citizenship.

Destination Graduation to Occupation

destination graduation to occupation

“Destination Graduation to Occupation” is our commitment to raise the bar, close the gap, align our curriculum and instruction to more rigorous standards, and advance the social-emotional development of our students. This mantra helps shape our approach to PK-12 education.

Destination Graduation to Occupation is our mission is to sufficiently prepare all students for life after high school graduation—whether they choose college or directly enter the workforce. College may not be the next step for all students, but gainful employment is a fundamental step for all. Destination Graduation to Occupation is a systemic vision, beginning long before our students reach high school.

We are continually looking to grow the college- and career-focused opportunities available to our students as we continue to recognize the importance of preparing all Hudson graduates for life after high school. From pre-kindergarten through high school, we look for ways to provide our students with solid foundations for achieving academic success, obtaining a job and succeeding in their employment.

Future Focused Goals (2021-25)

It is our responsibility to create an engaging, inclusive and inspiring educational environment with varied opportunities for our students to:

  • ACHIEVE ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE – Our schools will foster an engaging, effective learning community through rigorous, inspiring academic programs to ensure the development and success of the whole student.
  • BECOME FUTURE READY – Our schools, in partnership with our community, will provide all students with opportunities and support to become career focused, college ready, and responsible citizens with a sense of purpose.
  • COMMIT TO CIVIC ENGAGEMENT – Our schools will cultivate a positive culture by providing a safe, inclusive and supportive learning environment, embracing diversity, fostering collaborations, and actively engaging students in civic activities locally and globally.

Future Focused goals poster