Clubs & Activities

There are a variety of clubs and activities available to students at Hudson High School. From art to science to mentorship opportunities, there is something for everyone!

Art Club
Drama Club-Advisor                                    Andrew Stein
Drama Club-Co-Advisor                              Danielle Scrico
Environmental Club                                    James McDarby x3144
Envirothon                                                    James McDarby x3144
Game Club                                                   Mark Renner x3204
Kindness Club                                             Lisa Schmitt x3176
Mock Trial                                                    Sally Naramore x3217
Model UN                                                     Shannon Sullivan x3218
Multicultural Club                                       Jennifer Talma & Jamie Weiss x3128
National Honor Society Advisor                Donna Coons x3153
The Owl Newspaper-Advisor                     Theresa Cipollari x3215
The Owl Newspaper-Assistant Advisor     Phelicia Near x3132
Poetry Cafe                                               Gail Wheeler x3156
Photo/Video Club                                       Lance Wheeler x3100
PRIDE Club                                                Eric Clark x8305
Student Council Co-Advisor                       Laura Bender x3203
Student Council Co-Advisor                       Meghan Abitabile x3214
Tri-M                                                           Scott Vorwald x3170
Varsity Club                                                Jessica Flint x3141
Yearbook-Co-Advisor/Advisor                   Michelle Nowak x3143
Yearbook-Co-Advisor/Advisor                   Jodi Keyser x3100