Hudson City School District Awarded 2024-25 New York Farm to School Institute Grant

April 24, 2024

PDF: Press Release: Hudson CSD Awarded 2024-25 New York Farm to School Institute Grant

HUDSON, NY – The Hudson City School District is proud to announce it has been named a 2024-25 New York Farm to School Institute grant award recipient in the amount of $5,000 through the American Farmland Trust’s project, Farm to Institution New York State (FINYS).

The funding is required to be applied to year-long professional development opportunities for food service staff, educators, administrators, and community partners within New York schools to develop and refine their Farm to School programs, and to help bring more New York grown food into the cafeteria and classrooms.

“The Hudson City School District is excited to be selected as an award recipient for the 2024-25 New York Farm to School Institute initiative,” Hudson City School District Superintendent Dr. Juliette Pennyman said. “Considering the vast amount of agriculture in our region, the opportunity to collaborate with local producers is an endeavor the District is pleased to explore, with the goal of informing the student population of the significance and impact of local agriculture as a resource and model for sustainable healthy lifestyles and career opportunities.”

For the 2024-25 school year, the District aims to develop increased relationships with local farmers and agriculture related industries in order to further enhance student internship opportunities, college in the high school agriculture related courses and CTE program development, procure more local produce within public school budgetary constraints, continue to develop Farm to School programs, and network with other schools to collaborate on program and resource development.

Led by Hudson City School District Consultant Stephanie Forsyth and Food Services Director Lisa McGovern, the District will be assembling a team of District administrators, faculty, staff and community members to oversee the goals and implementation of the Farm to School initiatives. Once formed, the team will attend an all-expense-paid two-day kickoff retreat Aug. 13-14, 2024 at the Mabee Farm Historic Site in Rotterdam Junction, New York, courtesy of the New York Farm to School Institute grant. Individuals will also participate in bi-monthly workshops, receive coaching and peer networking for one year and will be invited to a celebratory gathering in Spring 2025.

“The Hudson City School District’s partnership with FINYS and local community partners transcends the capacity of serving and informing Bluehawks of locally grown and sourced food for healthy meals and nutritious habits,” said Forsyth. “I am incredibly grateful and excited to continue the implementation of the Farm to School initiatives within the Hudson City School District community this coming school year.”

Securing the grant award continues the District’s efforts of incorporating Farm to School practices. Currently in all three buildings, locally sourced products are served for breakfast, lunch, snacks and afterschool programs. Additionally, the District includes food and nutrition in its curriculum, with trips to local agriculture producers, along with guest appearances in classrooms to teach recipes and healthy lifestyle approaches.

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