Hudson City School District Football Program Update

Nov. 13, 2023

Hudson CSD Football Program Update PDF

Dear Hudson City School District Community,

We hope this update finds you well and staying warm!

Our community has raised questions regarding Hudson City School District efforts to sustain a varsity football program. The letter is designed to provide an update.

First, the District values the importance of the school spirit, discipline, teamwork and time management that scholastic sports promote for our young athletes. A football program also certainly provides a vital point of pride. That’s why the District is exploring all potential options.

Athletic Director Shawn Briscoe has been analyzing the number of returning players for each level of play, as well as the possibility of merging the football program with another school district to ensure enough eligible players to field a team.

For the 2024 football season, many community members have suggested a potential merger with another school district. That option is being evaluated, but requires the other district to have a similar need and desire to do so. It is not a simple process, but it is being explored. 

If a merger were to be approved by the joining school districts’ Boards of Education, all paperwork would need to be submitted and approved by the Section II Office for Athletics by Feb. 1, 2024.

In addition, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Juliette Pennyman recently met with representatives of Hudson Pop Warner to learn more about that program and determine the potential of a feeder program leading to the Modified, Junior Varsity and Varsity Football programs. 

Please know that the Hudson City School District is committed to providing athletic opportunities for all students throughout the entire school year and that the District will exhaust all options in this search for a solution. We will continue to provide updates as warranted.

The Hudson City School District invites you to click here to view the upcoming schedule of winter athletics, along with past stories and important links for coaching requirements, livestreams and more.

Thank you for your ongoing support of all of our athletes and teams.


Dr. Juliette Pennyman                             Shawn Briscoe 

Superintendent of Schools                      Athletic Director