April 5th, 2023

February and March 2023 Hudson Has Heart 

Award Recipients Announced

HUDSON, NY — At the April 4th Hudson City School District Board of Education Meeting, Superintendent Dr. Lisamarie Spindler publicly announced the recipients of the “Hudson Has Heart” awards, representing both February and March 2023.

In October 2022, the Hudson City School District announced the launch of a monthly recognition titled the “Hudson Has Heart” Awards to acknowledge the selfless contributions and passionate members that make the Hudson City School District community what it is. Individuals considered are nominated by peers for making a positive difference in Hudson City School District by selfless, passionate actions and being dedicated to the district.

Numerous nominations were sent in of students, staff and community members, respectively, who elevate and proudly represent the culture and values that are cherished and implemented here in Hudson.

Starting with the student category, Victoria Steils (February) and Kaelyn Hibbert (March) received glowing nominations for leadership, selflessness and positive attitudes.

“Serving as the President of the Class of 2024 and a member of the Student Council, Victoria spends a great deal of her time organizing and conducting meetings, giving back to the community and their school and participating in fundraisers. Not only is Victoria socially involved within the district, she is a familiar name on the quarterly high honor rolls. Spindler said. “Kaelyn has been said by those who nominated them to be empathetic and compassionate towards all school community members.”

In the staff category, Ruby Tillman (February) and Lynn Clark (March) were honored for their respective ability to engage, interact and collaborate with scholars on a daily basis.

“With a big smile and positive attitude, Ruby Tillman enforces the importance of earning respect from your peers and being respectful to those of all ages,” Spindler said. “Lynn Clark has been described as a role model to students in her classes, as she teaches all four core academic subjects. While instructing the importance of being compassionate and collaborative, Lynn has an eye towards the future as they introduce their students to potential careers to pursue, even at a young age.” 

President of the Board of Trustees at the Hudson Public Library Caitie Hilverman (February) and Head of Friends of Hudson Youth Peter Frank (March) were selected as the recipients of the Community Member award based on their contributions to and direct involvement with the district.

“As a 2006 graduate of Hudson High, Caitie Hilverman has made the district proud by earning a PHD and consistently promoting literacy and the significance of going to the library. After exploring several parts of this country, Caitie made the decision to raise their family right here in Hudson, and currently has a child attending Montgomery C. Smith Elementary School and a toddler on their way to starting soon,” Spindler said. “Peter Frank is tirelessly finding ways to collaborate with the Hudson Youth Department and the Boys and Girls Club. Every year, Peter organizes The Polar Plunge which has raised thousands of dollars for both the Hudson Youth Department and Fire Department.”

As the district congratulates its newest recipients, it would like to remind the community that this is indeed a monthly award and to keep submitting nominations for April’s recipients. Voting will close on May 5th at 3 p.m. and the winners will be announced at the May 9th school board meeting.

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