On December 6th, Hudson High School received a “CPR in Schools” kit that was generously donated by Columbia Memorial Health in partnership with the American Heart Association. NYS law requires all high school graduates to learn hands-only CPR (or cardiopulmonary resuscitation). The kit will support our Physical Education curriculum and help HHS students learn potentially life-saving CPR techniques. The kit provides 10 individual manikins, kneeling pads, and instructions.

Many thanks to AHA representative Sharon Horton and CMH representative Dorothy Urschel for stopping by to deliver these valuable teaching tools!

an ethnically and racially diverse group of students and adults show off a CPR in Schools kit

Pictured (left to right): Sharon Horton (AHA), Isaiah Maines, Dorothy Urschel (CMH), Rafia Tasnim, Johathan Bernockie, Matthew Antonelli, and PE department head Jeanine Millar