Congratulations to these high school students who were recognized for making positive choices during the month of October! See who was recognized in the list below and what they did to earn positive referrals from staff.


Student NameReferral CategoryDateTeacher/Staff
Brady McDonaldCourteous, and being honest. 2021-10-01 Mrs. Abitabile 
William MorrisonHelping others and being courteous. 2021-10-01 Ms. Jennings
Jay’Shon DanielsComing for extra help. 2021-10-01 Ms. Jennings
Josh RogersHelpful to others. 2021-10-01 Ms. Jennings
Malaky PaytonKind language and showing respect. 2021-10-01 Ms. Jennings
Cody StephensKind language and donating items. 2021-10-05Mr. Renner
Alwyn LewisMentoring others and being a good example. 2021-10-05 Mr. Stevenson 
Carlos-Rossi OccenoBeing a good example and using kind language. 2021-10-07 Mrs. Weiss 
Amya GivensHelpful to others and being a good example. 2021-10-08 Mrs. Lockman
Zeniah VaughanBeing a good example and excellent effort. 2021-10-13 Mrs. Cipollari
Emilie WeigShowing respect and doing her best. 2021-10-13 Mrs. Cipollari
Jasmine MillerShowing respect and being a good example.2021-10-13 Mrs. Cipollari
Guinnevere DermottExcellent effort and being respectful. 2021-10-13 Mrs. Cipollari
Behsam BurgessMentoring others, doing his best, and being a good example. 2021-10-14 Mrs. Cipollari
Emma GowerShowing respect and being a good example. 2021-10-14 Ms. Simmons 
Malaky PaytonExcellent effort. 2021-10-14Mrs. Fisher
Anastasia HotalingBeing a good example and showing respect. 2021-10-14 Mr. Mazzone
Amya GivensCourteous and helping others. 2021-10-14 Mr. Mazzone
Sha-he CrossBeing a good example and showing excellent effort. 2021-10-14 Mrs. Lockman
Alwyn LewisHelpful to others and doing his best. 2021-10-14 Mrs. Lockman
Logan RivenburgExcellent effort and doing his best. 2021-10-14 Mrs. Lockman
Dan GonzalezDoing his best. 2021-10-14Mrs. Lockman
Kendrick ClarkeExcellent effort. 2021-10-14 Mrs. Lockman
Tariq ThompsonMentoring others and being helpful.2021-10-15 Ms. Talma
Tatiana Williams Helpful to others.2021-10-15 Ms. Talma
Olivia HoffnagleShowing respect and being a good example. 2021-10-15 Mr. Bowes 
Jordan Delesline-DavisBeing a good example and excellent effort.2021-10-15Ms. Jennings
Jay’shon DanielComing for extra help. 2021-10-15 Ms. Jennings
Neveah WilsonBeing a good example and courteous. 2021-10-15 Ms. Jennings
Myquan HudsonCarings for belongings. 2021-10-15 Ms. Jennings
Devante HudsonCourteous and being a good citizen. 2021-10-15 Ms. Jennings
Melanie MaikelsBeing a good example and doing their best. 2021-10-18 Mr. Mazzone
Dan GonzalezCaring for belongings and excellent effort. 2021-10-21 Mrs. Ilse
Moriah WalkerHelpful to others and showing respect. 2021-10-21 Mrs. Ilse 
Angelina TamburroExcellent effort and being a good example.2021-10-21 Mr. Bowes 
Katherine AntonelliHelpful to others and being a good example.2021-10-21Mr. Bowes
Isiah MainesCourteous and being a good example. 2021-10-21Mr. Bowes
Zoey CaitlinHelpful to others, being a good example. 2021-10-21Ms. Hunt
Elijah CarpenterKeeping calm and doing his best.2021-10-22 Ms. Jennings 
Shawn TerryDoing his best. 2021-10-22 Ms. Jennings 
Star BolandDoing his best. 2021-10-22 Ms. Jennings 
Jake HromadaHelpful to others and being a good example. 2021-10-26 Mr. LaCasse
Anthony FlorioExcellent effort and doing his best. 2021-10-27 Mr. Gregory
Anastasia HotalingHelpful to others.2021-10-27 Lockman/Craft