On October 14th, students helped collect data on the Hudson River for environmental research during the “A Day in the Life of the Hudson & Harbor” field trip. It is an annual event that uses our local geography to engage students in hands-on science.

Mr. McDarby’s AP Environmental Science and Marine Science classes assisted in collecting data through various types of water testing, tidal studies, observations of river traffic, and seine netting to catch fish for identification and tally. All the data collected by students will be used to get an idea of the distribution of fish species and the overall health of the Hudson River.

A group of elementary students also participated in the event and loved catching and identifying fish from the dock.

Special thanks to the Columbia Land Conservancy for helping our students participate in this unique event. You can learn more about A Day in the Life of the Hudson & Harbor here: www.dec.ny.gov/lands/47285.html