COVID-19 Confirmed Cases (2021-22)

See below for positive COVID-19 cases reported within the HCSD school community during the 2021-22 school year. The District will communicate directly with families affected by confirmed COVID-19 cases, but we will not email the entire district following each individual case.

HCSD continues to work closely with the Columbia County Department of Health and follow their guidance each time our district has a positive case. Please note that privacy laws restrict us from disclosing or confirming any personally identifiable information. If you have questions or need to report a COVID-19 related health issue, please contact your child’s principal or school nurse.

Date ReportedTypeBuilding
10/16/2021StaffElementary School
10/16/2021StudentElementary School
10/15/2021StudentElementary School
10/14/2021StaffElementary School
9/30/2021StudentElementary School
9/30/2021StudentElementary School
9/29/2021StudentSenior High School
9/28/2021StudentElementary School
9/28/2021StaffJunior High School
9/27/2021StudentJunior High School
9/24/2021StaffElementary School
9/23/2021StudentSenior High School
9/21/2021StudentJunior High School
9/20/2021StudentJunior High School
9/19/2021StudentElementary School
9/18/2021StudentElementary School
9/17/2021StudentElementary School
9/12/2021StudentElementary School