Medication in School

Guidelines for Student Medication at School

If it is necessary for a student to receive ANY medication during the school day, the following must be done prior to administration of the medication (please complete this Authorization for Medicine in School form with your healthcare provider and return it to the nurse at your child’s school):

  • There must be written permission signed by the parent/guardian
  • There must be a written order from the prescriber to the school nurse. It must include:
    1. Name and date of birth of the student
    2. Name of the medication, dosage and route of administration
    3. Illness for which the medication is being given
    4. Directions (frequency and times of administration)
    5. Conditions under which prn (as necessary) medications should be administered
    6. Prescriber’s name, title, address and phone number
    7. Prescriber’s signature and date


The medication must be clearly labeled and have the student’s name on the container. A bottle from the pharmacy is usually the best container for prescription medications. Tubes may be brought in with the pharmacy label also.

The medication will be safely locked in a cabinet in the health office.

The medication will be administered by the nurse or a designated person.

The medication will be administered in the health office unless other arrangements are made with the school nurse, parents and prescriber.

The nurses cannot legally dispense any medication to children unless the above directions have been carried out. This applies to prescription medications as well as over-the-counter medications, homeopathic and non-prescription medications such as (but not limited to): cough drops, cough syrup, lozenges, aspirins, throat sprays, topical creams, or eye drops.

Students are not permitted to have medications in their possession to take on their own unless proper procedures are set in place by the school nurse.

Picking Up Student Medication at the End of the School Year

You must remember to pick up all unused medications at the end of the school year. Medications not picked up by an adult will be discarded before the school year ends.

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