Dear Parents/Guardians, Faculty, Students, and Staff,
Due to technical difficulties yesterday, the Annual School Improvement Survey link could not be disseminated. The good news is that the matter has been resolved, and you will receive the survey link in your email inboxes today. Please be sure to check your spam folders as several colleagues have reported the email invitations to complete the survey went to their spam foldersSince we could not disseminate the survey yesterday, we are extending the deadline to May 6, 2024 for completion.
Please take a look at the attached instructions if you have questions about accessing or completing the survey. Bilingual families, please see the attached YouTube link to a video with instructions on how to complete the survey. To change the language of the video to a preferred language before viewing, please do the following on YouTube:
1. Click the cc button.
2. Click Subtitles from the dropdown list.
3. Click Auto-translate.
4. Pick your preferred language from the dropdown list.
5. Using your preferred language, please follow the steps in the video to complete the Hudson City School District School Improvement Survey.
Your voices matter! Please make your voice heard by completing the Hudson City School District School Improvement Survey. Thank you so much for your participation.



Dr. Juliette Pennyman                                    Dr. Tia L. Pressey
Superintendent of Schools                            Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager
Hudson City School District                           Hudson City School District