Mrs. Nowak’s Introduction to Agriculture class participated in the New York State Agriculture in the Classroom Mac & Cheese Challenge!
According to the New York State Ag in the Classroom program, “the Mac & Cheese Challenge allows students to develop perfect macaroni & cheese recipes, create marketing materials for their products, and learn about the dairy processing industry in their community. This cross-curricular experience reinforces core curricular concepts in math, science, ELA, and exposes students to career opportunities in our food system.” Hudson Senior High School is hoping to place!
Mrs. Nowak reached out to Stewart’s Shops for dairy donations. The students thought it would be an excellent idea to use Stewart’s milk since they hold the title, “Best Milk” in New York. Jennifer Frame, Director of Corporate Philanthropy, quickly contacted the school and donated four gallons of milk, three containers of butter, and a $10 gift certificate. Thank you so much Stewart’s Shops for supporting Hudson Senior High School!