The PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) Team of the Hudson Senior High School is proud to announce winners of The Alpha Hawk Award. Teachers are encouraged to nominate their entire class for the exceptional work that they do.
Mrs. Flood wrote:
My ENTIRE 7th period class was on time in attendance and working diligently on their artwork. The conversation was positive, all students were engaged and the room was cleaned up respectfully and safely by the end bell. It was a great class and I am very proud of them all.
Mrs. Schmitt wrote:
Our Food and Nutrition class has gone above and beyond to work together as a team during class assignments and cooking labs. They work safely and respectfully. They are energetic and professional. When we had our guest chefs Matt and Mirela from Central Administration make pickles with us, they were attentive, respectful, kind and polite. Teaching this class is one of the best experiences of my day.
Students were treated to hot cocoa and donuts.