Mr. McDarby’s AP Environmental Science and Marine Science classes, as well as members of the Envirothon Team, participated in “A Day in the Life of the Hudson and Harbor” on Thursday, October 5.
For this event, Mr. McDarby’s classes teamed up with members of the Columbia Land Conservancy to collect valuable data about the Hudson River, including water quality analysis (dissolved oxygen, salinity, temperature, etc.) and a biodiversity study (macroinvertebrates, fish, plants, etc.).
About 5,000 New York and New Jersey students participate in this event each year across 90 sites, from the New York Harbor to the headwaters in the Adirondack Mountains. The schools then share their results, allowing us to gain a better understanding of the health of the Hudson River. Hudson’s site was Lasher Memorial park in Germantown. #HudsonTogetherWeCan