Weekly Safety and Security Update

June 2, 2023

Dear Hudson City School District community,

PDF: HCSD Weekly Safety and Security Update 6-2-23

Two members of our administrative team picked up a wealth of information and insight into safe schools at a two-day New York State Education Department School Safety Summit, which ended today. Manager of Instructional Technology Cheryl Rabinowitz and Head of Maintenance Tyler Kritzman received training, information and resources at the summit.

The discussions focused on developing and implementing an Emergency Response Plan, and creating safe, supportive atmospheres in schools. The keynote address, “The Conditions for Thriving: Unearthing the Root Causes of Safety and Wellbeing,” was presented by Dr. Christina Pate, Deputy Director of the Center to Improve Social and Emotional Learning and School Safety. 

This was just the latest in the training we have been receiving at summits and other meetings in the region featuring a wide range of experts addressing various aspects of school safety. Last Wednesday, our newest safety staffer attended a conference called “High in Plain Sight.” The full-day session, held at Hudson Valley Community College in Troy, featured Officer Jermaine Galloway of the organization Tall Cop Says Stop, which provides education and resources for recognizing and preventing drug and alcohol use.

In his presentation, Officer Galloway discusses drug trends and helps attendees recognize identifiers, logos and clothes that may signal possible high-risk behaviors in youngsters. He also explains current terms related to drug and alcohol, and discusses behaviors associated with drugs and how their use can impact a young person, family and community.

At the same time, we continue to make improvements in our schools that enhance safety in  various ways. A new SureHands safety lift for people with mobility issues has been installed in the pool area at the senior high school and safety wall padding was added on the north and south ends of the gym.

Basketball hoops at the high school were replaced with up-to-date hoops. Safety straps, new winches and all electrical switches were replaced. Old outlets that we no longer use were capped and sealed. The drop-down batting cage was also replaced with a new cage, wiring, and switch.

We will continue to attend the summits and conferences that keep us abreast of developments and strategies in school safety, and to upgrade our facilities, both to keep the school safe and to foster a more comfortable atmosphere conducive to education.

As always, I urge you to share any suggestions, concerns and comments at safety@hudsoncsd.org.

Thank you for your partnership in this matter.

Dr. Lisamarie Spindler

Superintendent of School

Hudson City School District