Weekly Safety and Security Update

May 5, 2023

Weekly Safety and Security Update 5.5.23.

Dear Hudson City School District community,

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and we are embracing the spirit of the month with a host of fun ways to boost students’ school spirit and positive attitude and to help enforce healthy and productive habits.

This is one strategy in our multi-layered plan to ensure a safe, healthy, and positive climate in our schools. We continue to advance that mission in many ways. As part of our District Technology Plan, we are planning a wireless upgrade. This will improve communication and wireless services throughout the District, which are important aspects of handling crises and other situations.

We recently emphasized the importance of good decision making with a Power of Peace assembly at the Junior High School. Emily Haigh of the Columbia County Department of Health spoke with our students on the dangers of vaping. The Power of Peace assemblies at the Junior High School emphasize conflict resolution while building community within the school.

Last week, 48 senior high school students were treated to donuts at a celebration recognizing their contributions to improving school culture and embracing positivity – embodying our slogan, #HudsonHasHeart. The students were referred by their teachers for the recognition.

For Mental Health Awareness Month, we are collaborating with Twin County Recovery Services in acknowledging the importance of mental health awareness. This week and next, we have scheduled social media posts encouraging students and staff to participate in a Spirit Week, as well as completing daily goals with the emphasis on improving or building upon mental health. Information is also posted on our website, hudsoncsd.org.

The Spirit Week will stress the importance of productive behaviors such as exercising and getting eight hours of sleep. Students will be able to dress to represent these aspects of healthy attitudes and practices. They will wear PJs to school on “Mellow Monday,” and tie-dye or colorful clothes on Tuesday to represent the many emotions we all feel. This will continue throughout the week, including dressing as a favorite superhero or role model on “Be-a-Hero Thursday.” These are as fun ways to enforce important aspects of healthy practices and attitudes. The daily goals for the entire month include learning or trying something new, taking 10 deep breaths outside, listing five things you are grateful for and more. We encourage all students (and their families) to try as many of the activities as they can.

As always, I urge you to share any suggestions, concerns and comments at safety@hudsoncsd.org.

Thank you for your partnership and investment in our students’ futures.

Dr. Lisamarie Spindler

Superintendent of Schools

Hudson City School District