Weekly Safety and Security Update
April 20, 2023

Dear Hudson City School District community,

Our safety and security initiatives continue to move forward – and to make a difference. Yesterday, staff throughout the district engaged in a presentation on strategies for handling
disasters and active attack events in a school. Presented by Questar III, the “Option-based Training for Schools” showed us key strategies for worst-case scenarios, such as what should be done if a lockdown area is compromised, strategies for coping with high stress situations, and more. One goal was to empower staff to respond effectively and prioritize safety.

Also yesterday, Board of Education Vice President Mark DePace led a meeting of the Safety and Advisory Committee in the Hudson High School library. The committee continues to make
progress on its goals, which include identifying short- and long-term solutions, developing an effective communications strategy, and reviewing the Code of Conduct and Student Handbook
for any additions or amendments needed to those core documents.

Several security projects have been completed or are under way. This summer, we plan to upgrade to an enhanced security camera system software program and new servers. We are
developing a CyberSecurity Incident Response Plan, and we plan a network security assessment with our BOCES partners to test our network.

Each of these meetings, programs and upgrades brings a greater benefit than its direct results: All add to a growing culture of preparedness and dedication to safety. In the Questar III training, a key message was, “You are not helpless; what you do matters.” This is a great approach to keep in mind at all times, not only in the middle of a negative situation. As detailed in these weekly safety updates, our dedicated faculty and staff are involved in numerous safety initiatives. The result is clear: We already are better prepared to respond to situations quickly and effectively and to protect students, staff, and visitors to our schools.

I invite you to share suggestions, concerns, and comments with us by emailing safety@hudsoncsd.org.

Thank you for your partnership and commitment to a safe, secure educational environment.

Dr. Lisamarie Spindler
Superintendent of Schools
Hudson City School District