Weekly Safety and Security Update 

March 23, 2023 

HCSD Weekly Safety and Security Update 3/23/23

Dear Hudson City School District community, 

The past week has brought a wealth of developments advancing safety and security in the  Hudson City School District. We received a report on the findings of the Climate and Safety  Focus Group sessions we hosted on March 6, held a training session on our secure entry  system, plan to bring Bluehawk Academy students on a college visit, produced a draft mission  statement on inclusion and learned of a Hudson student welcomed to a new panel giving voice  to students’ views on equitable education. 

Focus Group 

In all, 138 students, teachers, staff, parents and community members participated in the focus  groups. Specialized Education Services, Inc., which facilitated the discussions, issued a report recommending several measures to be considered by the upcoming School Climate Safety  Advisory Committee (SCSAC), including establishing best practices consistent across all schools,  building meaningful relationships with outside partners to increase social-emotional and  support services, and exploring programs and strategies to assist students falling behind state  proficiency standards and positive responses and interventions for behavioral issues. 

“A large majority of students confront inordinate challenges outside of school that significantly  affect school success,” the report reads. “A coordinated (SCSAC) strategic approach that  includes strategic collaborate partnerships with community-based partners and public agencies  serving the “whole child” is essential.” 

The report also recommends programs and activities to build student awareness of and  readiness for college and careers, and experiences such as field trips that expose students to  learning opportunities outside the classroom. 

We welcome these recommendations, and I am deeply grateful to all participants in the group.

College Visit 

We will introduce a group of students to college possibilities on March 31, when Bluehawk  Academy scholars will visit Columbia-Greene Community College for a tour sponsored by the 

college. Students will meet college staff to learn about admissions, applications, programs and  financial aid. 

Student Leader 

Join me in congratulating Hudson Senior High School freshman Warda Mahamud, who was  invited to join the League of Innovative Students (LOIS), a new network established by Digital  Promise, a non-profit organization established by Congress to advance equitable education  systems. With 37 students from 18 districts nationwide, the League will provide a platform for  student voices in discussions on policy and advocacy. 

Staff Development 

On March 17, teachers, teacher assistants, aides, administrators and clerical staff benefited  from professional learning opportunities in-district or throughout the Questar III BOCES region  in the Regional Professional Development Day. In addition to participating, Hudson hosted and  facilitated some of the activities, which included topics that addressed classroom culture,  inclusion and other topics related to school climate. 

Safety Planning 

As part of the Development Day, Manager of Instructional Technology Chery Rabinowitz  attended a safety seminar, “Critical Planning Steps and Improvement Opportunities for Creating  Safer K-12 Schools.” Offered free at the Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel, the seminary was  sponsored by Altaris Consulting Group. 

Equity Session 

Also as part of the event, Dr. Trini Hernandez, the Hudson City School District’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Manager, led an Equity Ambassadors session, which produced this draft  mission statement: 

The Hudson City School district stands united in fostering inclusive environments in which ALL  are empowered to achieve through equitable opportunities. We value the diversity within our  community and strive to dismantle systemic barriers through culturally responsive instruction,  widening perspectives, and building connections.  

Dr. Hernandez will seek input from the district-wide community and will present the final  version to the Board of Education for approval and adoption. The team is eager to continue  meeting to plan and collaborate. 

Power of Peace 

This month, Michael Arterberry, facilitator of the Power of Peace program, returned to the  Hudson City School District to work with seventh and eighth grade students. On March 13, all students met Mr. Arterberry in an assembly. They will participate in full-day workshops over the next several weeks. 

These are some of the developments enhancing safety and security at our schools. As always, I  urge you to share any suggestions, concerns and comments at safety@hudsoncsd.org

Thank you for your partnership and investment in our students’ futures. 

Dr. Lisamarie Spindler 

Superintendent of Schools 

Hudson City School District