Weekly Safety and Security Update
March 16, 2023

HCSD Weekly Safety and Security Update 3-16-23 PDF
Dear Hudson City School District community,

We continue to advance school safety and security on many fronts, from preventing incidents to responding more effectively if they do arise. Some initiatives go beyond addressing safety to creating more positive experiences for students and a stronger community.

The measures include professional development and training to prepare administrators, faculty and staff for all situations. They also include programs to nurture students’ goals and encourage the positive behaviors that lead to greater long-term success, and that build connections with local businesses leaders and others to foster their appreciation of their community.

Here are highlights of our initiatives:

  • We have added staff to support the arrival of buses in the morning.
  • Students visited Sienna College and Bard College to help set goals and possibly take on college opportunities while still in high school.
  • We will hold evening showings of Miss Representation on March 30 and The Mask You Live In on April 17. The movies counter the harmful ways women are presented in the media, and the narrow stereotype of “masculinity” that men are expected to live up to. The showings are intended for high school students, parents and to the community (Anyone under 18 years old will need parental permission to attend).
  • We have received a final approval needed to employ the STOPit Anonymous Reporting System and are implementing it now. (Watch for another update shortly.)
  • We are coordinating with local non-profits on outreach to engage with students, share offerings and see what constructive activities students may like to explore during lunch or after school (Special thank you to the Kite’s Nest learning center for kicking off this initiative with a successful event).
  • Local business owners and experts have been visiting the Hudson Bluehawk Academy to engage students in learning more about farming, eating healthy, and owning your own business.
  • Our Hudson Saturday Academy on April 1 will offer a day of fun, learning and exploration that will help build a sense of community, with a free swim, craft project, dance lessons, and more.
  • Tomorrow, the staff will engage in professional development, with social emotional training as a highlight.
  • Manager of Instructional Technology Cheryl Rabinowitz attended a webinar presented by Navigate 360’s National Director of Safety Preparedness and Emergency Management Brad Spicer. The webinar, Improving the Probability of Courage, helps law enforcement, school and district leaders, teachers, and students create a mindset to survive a critical incident.
  • We are installing the Premisys Mobile Access Control Software Identicard, which will enable us to lock down all door access with cellular devices. Buildings and Grounds staff will train administrators on accessing the software during a crisis.

With this wide range of initiatives and activities, we expect to see many benefits: fostering a more positive community, guarding against unwanted visitors and activity, and training to respond more effectively and safely should a critical incident arise.

Meanwhile, I continue to urge you to share any suggestions, concerns, and comments with us by emailing safety@hudsoncsd.org

Thank you for your partnership in this matter.
Dr. Lisamarie Spindler
Superintendent of Schools
Hudson City School District