Nov. 1, 2022

Assemblymember Barrett Secures Funding for Hudson City School District Afterschool Program

HUDSON, NY – The Hudson City School District is proud to announce the acceptance of a $75,000 grant made possible this summer by the efforts of New York State 106th District Assemblymember Didi Barrett (Dutchess/Columbia) that will be applied towards the retention of student workers, supporting independent contractors and securing transportation of its afterschool and summer learning program.

Barrett visited the district on Oct. 31 and took photos with Superintendent Dr. Lisamarie Spindler to acknowledge and celebrate the positive impact the grant will have on the educational opportunities of students K-8 through the Hudson Bluehawk Nation Afterschool Program, as well as building the resumes of the program’s workers and continuing to foster positive relationships with outside providers.

The legislative funding directed specifically towards the Hudson City School District was made possible via the budget process at the state level. After learning the district had not been accepted earlier this year for the 21st Century grant which primarily funded the afterschool program for over 20 years in addition to other grants, Barrett said she was motivated to find other funding streams to support the afterschool program.

“My team and I stepped up from the moment we learned the disappointing news about the 21st Century grant,” Barrett said. “ I have visited the Bluehawk Nation Afterschool Programs a number of times over the years. It’s always wonderful to see young people engaged in the varied activities and learning opportunities open to them and I wouldn’t want any cohort of students to miss out.”

The afterschool program, which serves over 150 students, features unique and interactive opportunities for scholars to explore their interests, such as Jiu Jitsu, “Homework Help” and theater, among others.

“We are extremely grateful for the work by Assemblymember Barrett to assure the extension of educational opportunities through our Hudson Bluehawk Nation Afterschool Program would return,” Spindler said. “It’s easy to recognize the benefits of the program received by scholars and the relief it brings to families to have afterschool care taken care of.”

For the last decade, Barrett has been an integral part in securing funding for the district and surrounding community. Barrett added she has seen the change in career paths of young adults continuously evolving and that she acknowledges the importance of offering an array of interests and activities to keep scholars engaged and involved.

“We understand more and more now how kids’ futures and career paths are so different from a generation ago,” Barrett said. “The more we can expose students to new and diverse paths to explore, the better we’re doing at creating future leaders for our communities.”


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