Dear Hudson City School Community,

I am deeply honored to become a part of the Bluehawk Family and to serve as the principal of the Hudson City Junior High School. As a way of introduction, I am married and have an eleven-year-old daughter that will be in 7th grade in September. Professionally, this will be my 24th year in education. I began my career in the South Bronx of New York City teaching 7th grade ELA and social studies to a class of 37 students. Though challenging, I developed a deep understanding of the students and fell in love with teaching.  As I continued in my career, I became a Dean of Students at The Albert Einstein Intermediate School in the Bronx and an Assistant Principal at Frederick Douglass Academy II Middle School. In 2012, after working in NYC for fifteen years, I left the city and obtained a position in Newburgh as the Humanities Supervisor/Director as my family moved to Monroe. As a director, I worked with the teachers and petitioned the district to have our 8th-grade scholars take the US History Regents.  After much discussion, it was finally approved and our 8th graders were permitted to take the US History Regents, a high school level exam, and outperformed the high school students.

The first day of school will be Wednesday, September 7th.  Student arrival is typically anywhere between 7 am-8 am.  Please bring students closer to 8:00 AM. If students arrive early, both the cafeteria and the gym will be open as waiting areas. Dismissal is at 2:37 PM. Students will load onto the buses and be dropped off at their spots. Parents drop off and pick up on the South side of the building (opposite the High School), please do not drop students off in the bus loop. Attached, please find the PowerPoint slide deck for our family orientation that was held last. It is attached here. All students will be provided with school lunch. Students can also bring their lunch with them. In the final school days of the summer, please remember to get the items on the supply list for your child.  All schedules will be posted online by next week. Please check the district website.

In the upcoming school year, I am looking forward to recreating a vibrant PTO where all our families will be co-partnering with our school in the education of their children. Moreover, I look forward to working with our teachers to move our students academically. Finally, I look forward to providing every child with every opportunity to reach their fullest potential by creating systems and structures for academic and social-emotional support.

I am ecstatic about the opportunity and look forward to getting to know our families, the school community, and our scholars. Please know that I am here to support, listen, and learn from you. Collectively we succeed.

I thank you for welcoming me to the Bluehawk family. Cheers to a great school year!

Sincerely Yours,
Rhode Cooper 
Junior High School Principal