The Hudson High School Class of 2023 was surprised with instant admission to Columbia-Greene Community College at a special assembly on Tuesday, June 7, 2022.

Dr. Lisamarie Spindler speaks at a podium in fron of blue stage curtains and an American Flag

Dr. Lisamarie Spindler, Superintendent, welcomes juniors and families before sharing the surprise announcement.

“It brings us great joy to partner with Columbia-Greene Community College on the ‘Every Student Matters’ initiative and create a destination beyond graduation for all these scholars,” said Hudson City School District superintendent, Dr. Lisamarie Spindler. “We are excited to create a legacy and give families an unforgettable memory.”

Juniors and their families were invited to a special assembly where the surprise was revealed. Hudson administrators were joined by CGCC representatives to announce that the entire HHS Class of 2023 was receiving instant admission to CGCC for the fall of 2023. In attendance were Dr. Carlee Drummer, CGCC President, Dr. George Timmons, Provost, and Matthew Green, Assistant Dean of Enrollment Management.

“We prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion, and this is one step in that direction, to be able to close any gaps or any barriers that our students might have to post-secondary experiences,” Dr. Spindler said.

During the special assembly, CGCC highlighted the various opportunities available to the Class of 2023 through their degree programs, career programs, transfer programs and professional study programs.

“The ‘Every Student Matters’ initiative helps minimizes barriers so our students have viable options to further their educations beyond high school,” said Derek Reardon, interim principal at Hudson High School.

It was important for all students to have “an opportunity regardless of (their) ability,” Dr. Timmons said, “whether that’s a certificate program, an associate degree, a micro-credential or just professional development or enhancement.”

“Ensuring every student has the opportunity to attend college lies at the heart of Columbia-Greene’s mission,” stated Green. “The Admissions Team stands ready to help students make the transition from Hudson High School to the College a smooth one.”

To get the instant admission process started, students were asked to complete a simple online form. They received official printed certificates to commemorate the occasion.

“Our students will have options to complete two-year degree programs, professional certificates, and/or transfer to four-year institutions,” said Reardon. “This is a fantastic opportunity for our junior class and we are grateful for this partnership with Columbia-Greene.”

See the video here.