Hudson Junior High School student Sean Delaney became a published poet this year when his original poem was included in the book “Integrating the Arts Across the Curriculum (Second Edition)” by Lisa Donovan and Louise Pascale.

Sean, a seventh grade student at HJHS, wrote the poem last spring while participating in a remote poetry club with retired Hudson teacher, Maryann Murphy. His poem called “A Greek God Named Poseidon” was inspired by superheroes and the Greek gods he learned about in Social Studies.

“I was teaching Social Studies and wanted to integrate poetry with the Social Studies content,” said Ms. Murphy. “Although the text covers other arts such as storytelling, Sean’s piece is presented in the Exploring Poetry chapter. The book will be used to inspire teachers and students to develop poetry skills to express themselves and to discover how poetry can fit into the different content areas.”

A poem written by Ms. Murphy called “Sewing Contentment” was also published in the book in a section about poems inspired by memories. Sean’s poem is included in the section on odes. Sean and Ms. Murphy’s participation was made possible through a collaboration with Art Omi and Lesley University.

A copy of the book was donated to the HJHS library. Congrats, Sean!