Congratulations to these high school students who were recognized for making positive choices during the months of November and December 2021! See who was recognized in the list below and what they did to earn positive referrals from staff.


Student NameReferral CategoryDateTeacher/Staff
Kiersten BerryExcellent effort and doing her best2021-11-05Mr. Gregory 
Nicholas Carter Excellent effort and being helpful to others2021-11-05Ms. Schmitt
Patrick Tompkins Mentoring others and being a good example2021-11-05Ms. Schmitt
Yarseli Ordonez Being a good example and helpful to others2021-11-24Mrs. Skoda
Addison GeerExcellent effort and coming for extra help2021-11-30Mrs. Lockman 
Travis WilliamsDoing his best and coming for extra help2021-11-30Mrs. Casazza
Jordan Delesline-DavisBeing a good example/Helpful to others2021-12-03Jennings/Mazzone
Tyshajonn MooreBeing a good example/Helpful to others2021-12-03Jennings/Mazzone
Malaky PaytonBeing a good example/Helpful to other2021-12-03Jennings/Mazzone
Josh RogersBeing a good example/Helpful to other2021-12-03Jennings/Mazzone
Nahid HassanPrepared, kind, honest2021-12-07Mrs. Utter
Jacqueline Westfall Excellent effort/Doing her best2021-12-07Mr. Payne
Oziah StromanHelpful/Being a good citizen2021-12-07Mr. Payne
Dominic HarvellDoing his best/Excellent Effort2021-12-07Mr. Gregory
Briana SimmonsPrepared/Excellent Effort2021-12-07Mr. Gregory
Thomas RiceMentoring/Being a Good Example2021-12-08Mrs. Pare
Jacob PetersonPrepared/Bring a Good Example2021-12-08Mrs. Manchuck
Jadon LawrenceBeing a Good Example/Excellent Effort2021-12-08Mrs. Schmitt
Jordan DeLesline-DavisKeeping Calm/Helpful to Others2021-12-08Mrs. Schmitt
Brandon ScaliExcellent Effort/Doing His Best2021-12-08Mr. Payne
William MorrisonBeing a Good Example/Keeping Calm2021-12-03Mrs. Talma
Makayla Bertoldi- HoganCourteous/Helpful to Others2021-12-09Mrs. Lento
Shaun TerryDoing His Best/Excellent Effort2021-12-14Ms. Jennings
Jake HromadaBeing a Good Citizen/Helping Others2021-12-16Mrs. Schmitt
Destiny PenaTaking Initiative/Excellent Effort2021-12-16Mr. Gregory
Savannah JeromeMentoring/Helping Others2021-12-21Mrs. Schmitt
Olivia PlaiaMentoring/Being a good example2021-12-21Mrs. Schmitt