Students raised $1,306 for Ronald McDonald House Charities so last week they got to have a Principal’s Challenge, which happens when students reach their goal of $1,000 in donations. This Principal’s Challenge was a fun sumo bubble ball tournament between Mr. Brenneman, Mr. MacCormack, Mrs. Klopott, and School Resource Officers Officer Rowe and Deputy Sohotra. In addition to the top fundraisers, approximately 70 students were chosen from a lottery to attend the event in the gym. It was also live streamed to classrooms so everyone could get in on the fun. After several rounds of exciting sumo bubble ball matches, the Head Honcho aka Principal Brenneman reigned victorious!

Students raised money for Ronald McDonald House Charities by reading during the month of January. Those who participated were awarded with certificates at the live event and other prizes based on amounts raised were given out. The Student Council couldn’t have pulled off this event without all our wonderful MCSES students and faculty. Special thanks to the PBIS team for helping set up the event and purchasing the bubble suits!