Blue & Gold Award – This award is presented to the athlete who demonstrates the greatest effort, hustle, and focus among his/her teammates. Whether it is in the practice setting or a meet, this athlete is constantly working their hardest to improve not only themselves, but also their teammates by setting a positive example.

Bluehawk Award – This award is presented to the athlete who best represents the values of teamwork and sportsmanship. Through their motivational attitude and willingness to help the team in any way needed, this athlete exhibits their dedication to the team and inspires those around them. They also encourage their teammates and cheer them on in both times of success and adversity, empowering those around them to achieve their best throughout the season.

MVP – This athlete is the most vital to team success and its highest performer.

Varsity Boys Soccer

Blue and Gold Award – Kasey Moore

Bluehawk Award – Isaiah Maines

MVP – Abid Ali

Varsity Girls Soccer

Blue and Gold Award – Elyza Medina

Bluehawk Award – Noshin Tasnim

MVP – Choudmya Box

Varsity Golf

Blue and Gold Award – Janet Hodges

Blue and Gold Award – Bryan Weber

Bluehawk Award – Matthew Gower

MVP – Daniel Zito

JV Boys Soccer

Blue and Gold Award – Arafh Ghani

Bluehawk Award – Hadi Anwar

Varsity Cross Country

Outstanding Male Runner – Riley Taylor

Outstanding Female Runner – Autumn Hopkins