Picture Day for virtual students will be held on Friday, December 4, 2020. This is also the make-up/retake day for in-person students, if needed. Here is some information you need to know:

  • There will NOT be a make-up day for virtual students. We ask that any and all virtual students make every attempt to attend on December 4th during their designated time slot (see below).
  • If you already paid for your photo package, that payment will be held for December 4th.
  • All students will have their temperature taken before entering the building. If your child is not feeling well, please do NOT come to the school.
  • Parents/guardians will pull up to the front of the building and wait for a staff member to come to the vehicle. Parents/guardians will NOT be allowed in the building under any circumstances. When your child’s photograph is done, they will be walked to your car.
  • Please show up ON TIME. The time slots are assigned alphabetically by last name (see below). Please be patient as there will be only one photographer and some letters of the alphabet may have more students than others.
TIME VIRTUAL         (by last name)
IN-PERSON MAKE-UP (by grade level)
8:30 AM A Second Grade Make-Up
8:45 AM B
9:00 AM C
9:15 AM D
9:30 AM E First Grade Make-Up
9:45 AM F
10:15 AM G Kindergarten Make-Up
10:30 AM H
10:45 AM I-J
11:00 AM K-L
11:15 AM M
11:30 AM N-O Pre-K Make-Up
11:45 AM P
12:00-12:30 PM BREAK BREAK
12:30 PM Q Fourth Grade Make-Up
12:45 PM R
1:00 PM S
1:15 PM T
1:30 PM U-V Third Grade Make-Up
1:45 PM W
2:00 PM X-Z Fifth Grade Make-Up