translation instructionsVirtual Learning is as much about staying connected to our community and support network as it is about continuing teaching and learning.

One of the initial difficulties with Virtual Learning is that many families are abruptly facing the need to establish new routines and structure at home. Students find comfort in consistency and establishing a daily routine with expectations is important.

Below are some helpful tips for families to keep students learning, connected, and focused on their work while classes are meeting virtually.


Having supplies accessible keeps students on task and cuts down on time away from their instruction. Students should have ready access to:

  • Headphones or Earbuds if a quieter setting is needed
  • Paper, pens or pencils, books, and other essentials based on the class
  • Chromebook charged and ready to go so that the student does not join their class late
  • If you need supplies for virtual learning, please contact the school at 518-828-4360 ext. 3118

Internet Access

A distance learning plan is dependent on Internet access. Consider how multiple people working online at home will affect your broadband speed, and then plan accordingly.

Consider these as you adjust your home and family to distance learning:

  • Where will each family member work?
  • How many devices will be on the home network?
  • With multiple members working online at the same time, is there enough bandwidth?
  • If Internet is an issue and you need a hotspot or are experiencing issues with connectivity, please reach out to or 518-828-4360 ext. 3118.

Best Practices

  • Students should conduct themselves as they would during school hours; even though we are learning virtually, school rules and behavioral expectations still apply. Click here for 2020-21 HCSD Code of Conduct.
  • Please ensure students participate in these meetings while in a quiet setting with minimal disruptions.
  • We do not mandate that students have their cameras on during Google Meets but students must be ready to engage through: writing in the chat box, answering questions live from the teacher, or participating in activities the whole class may be doing where taking part is necessary for reaching expected learning outcomes.
  • These steps help us create an appropriate learning environment for all involved.
  • In order to effectively learn, students need to be on time and present for all Google Meets. Students should be appropriately dressed for a Google Meet. The HCSD Code of Conduct on page 14 references clothing if there are any uncertainties about what is appropriate.
  • Parents- please remember the Google Meet sessions are to be treated as if the student is live in a classroom being taught by their teachers. Please limit distractions such as TV, music, and talking in the background.
  • Please ensure students are logging in to their classes on time (click here for the virtual bell schedule). They should also have any supplies they need for their classes ready before their classes begin (notebook, textbook, pen, calculator, etc.).

For Technology issues, please contact the Hudson Help Desk using this online form (click the “Submit a Request” button) or call 518-479-6835 (or 518-828-4360 ext. 3118).


If you have any questions, please contact the HHS Main Office at 518-828-4360 ext. 3100 or send an email to Principal LaCasse ( or Associate Principal Wood (

For Technology issues, please contact the Hudson Help Desk using this online form (click the “Submit a Request” button) or call 518-479-6835 (or 518-828-4360 ext. 3118).