Dear HHS Class of 2020 & Families,

On March 31st, we  held a virtual “class meeting” with as many seniors as possible. Our goal was to hear from them personally about how the mandated closure is affecting them on an emotional as well as academic level. The emotions ran the gamut from frustrated, anxious and scared to curious, sad and hopeful. I shared my own feelings and emotions as a Hudson High School alum and a brand new principal. Their emotions were palpable, even through a computer screen, and perhaps mine were too.

What is currently happening to us is happening all over the world. It is now affecting all of the moments that you and our students have spent countless hours preparing for, working toward, and dreaming about. There is a general sense of hope that students will see their friends in the halls of our school again this year. They hope to compete for our school, wearing the Blue & Gold one last time. They hope to experience all of the big moments that go along with being a Senior – Prom, Senior Trip, Senior Awards, and, of course, Graduation.

I cannot offer any answers at this time, only hope. I hope from the bottom of my heart that our students and their families get to experience all of these moments and more. Here at Hudson High School we are doing everything in our power to make sure that those moments occur, although the reality is that there may be things that are beyond our control. This will put our creativity and flexibility to the test.

If it does come to pass that the pandemic creates a situation beyond our control to preclude a traditional Hudson High School Graduation, it is important that we begin to plan now for what our graduation and the rest of our year end celebrations may look like. To this end, we are talking to multiple school districts around the region who are in a similar predicament and sharing ideas. We are also reaching out to our greatest resources – our families, students, and staff – for their ideas.

It is our sincere hope that our end of the year activities will be all that you want and deserve them to be and more. While it is too soon to make any final decisions, we are looking to solicit alternative ideas from the families who are most affected by this closure. Please feel free to share your thoughts with one or both of us at the email addresses below or phone numbers listed. Please know that we are here, we are listening, and we remain committed to the Hudson High School Class of 2020.


Robert J. LaCasse, ‘94

William Wood
Associate Principal

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