On January 8th, Petty Officer James Willis from the U.S. Navy visited Hudson High School to speak with students about real-world applications of what they’re learning in school. He shared many insights about nuclear power and renewable energy, which are topics covered in Chemistry and AP Environmental Science at HHS.

Navy representative showing graph to students

Petty Officer James Willis from the U.S. Navy visited Mr. Antonelli’s Chemistry classes to discuss his unique job as a First Class Nuclear Electrician Mate and the science behind his job.

In addition to discussing the benefits of nuclear power, Mr. Willis discussed how power is collected from the fission process, fission vs. fusion, basic construction and operation of a reactor, as well as the hazards and risks associated with radiation exposure.

He ended his presentation by discussing potential job opportunities related to nuclear energy within the military and private sectors.

Willis is currently the Nuclear Power Representative for the Department of the Navy responsible for the New England area. He is based out of West Point in Peekskill and does presentations to schools in NY, MA, and VT. He has been in the Navy for 19 years, has completed the Nuclear Power Program within the Navy and has been assigned to three different Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carriers.