Congratulations to these high school students who were recognized for making positive choices during the months of November and December! See who was recognized in the list below and what they did to earn positive referrals from staff.

Student Name Referred For Referred By
John Wolfersteig Excellent effort/Doing his best Mr. Francis
Amirah Forbes Helpful to others/Being a good citizen Ms. Jones
Nate Richardson Mentoring, helping others/Being a good citizen Mr. Mazzone & Ms. Jennings
Saveon Grey Mentoring, helping others/Shows respect Mr. Mazzone
Jesse Higgins Helping others/Shows respect Mr. Mazzone
Ashton Simmons Doing his best/Coming for extra help Mr. Gregory
Gerald Kritzman Helpful to others/Courteous Mr. Gregory
Thomas Rice Helpful to others Mr. Hernandez
Bryson Benedict Moses Helpful to others Mr. Hernandez
Michael Rivera Mentoring and being a good example Mr. Payne
Maia Rice Mentoring and being helpful to others Mr. Payne
Tierell Oliver Excellent effort/On time and prepared Mr. Gregory
Saimon Alom Helpful to others Mrs. Factor