We are pleased to announce the winners of the 3rd Annual Young Writers’ Competition! Out of 60 total submissions, these nine students were chosen as the top young writers:

Winners of the Young Writer's Competition 2019

Pictured, left to right: Zainul Chowdhhury, Hemel Debnath, Keesha Woods, Nusrat Praya, Morium Trisha, Jamar Beauford, and Dolincia Virgo (not pictured: Dezjuan Smith)

1st Prize: Dezjuan Smith (Grade 9)
2nd Prize: Dolincia Virgo (Grade 11)
Honorable Mention: Jamar Beauford (Grade 12)

1st Prize: Morium Trisha (Grade 12)
2nd Prize: Nusrat Praya (Grade 12)
Honorable Mention: Keesha Woods (Grade 12)

1st Prize: Hemel Debnath (Grade 10)
2nd Prize: Choudmya Box (Grade 9)
Honorable Mention: Zainul Chowdhhury (Grade 10)

This year’s judges—authors Hallie Goodman, Jonathan Lerner and Seth Rogovoy—said they were impressed by all the entries and they had to do some deep deliberation before making their final decisions.

The Young Writers’ Competition is a collaboration between the Hudson Children’s Literacy Fund, the Hudson High School Community Writing Center and the HHS English Department.

Congratulations to everyone on their prize-winning pieces!