The Hudson City School District announces a new partnership with the Hudson Police Department and Columbia County Sheriff’s Office to provide more supports to children who are exposed to violence and trauma.

The Handle With Care initiative is aimed at addressing children’s exposure to violence and trauma, which has the potential for negative impacts on the emotional, behavioral and physical health of children. Children exposed to violence and trauma are often at higher risk of school-related issues and are more likely to enter the criminal justice system later in life.

“While academics are vitally important to educators, the social-emotional development of our children is equally important,” said Dr. Maria Lagana Suttmeier, Superintendent of Schools. “Part of caring for the overall well-being of a child is being able to provide our students and families with the emotional supports needed if they are faced with violent or traumatic situations. That is what we’re hoping to accomplish through the Handle With Care initiative.”

The goal of the Handle With Care project is to mitigate any potential negative impacts of exposure to trauma by providing support and on-site, trauma focused interventions by mental health providers to children identified by local law enforcement and school personnel.

Law enforcement and the school district will work together to identify children who have been exposed to violence and trauma, then coordinate with teachers and guidance staff to provide appropriate on-site supports.